We bought The Ark in June 2008, but its history goes back much further than that. Here we are going to show some pictures, scavenged from various places, including the Internet and from friends and family, which depict a completely different way of life.

  Image sourced from www.francisfrith.com

The image above shows the old canal which used to run alongside The Ark Cottages (or as the locals dubbed it in welsh, ‘Yr Arch’). There are three cottages in total, ours is the one closest to the camera. The vast space between the house and the large tree in the foreground is now a Rugby Field for the local Primary school. This photo would have been taken from the humpback bridge which used to cross the canal to allow access to the small village of Cwmgiedd. Below is a photograph generated by Google Maps (I’m not about to stand on a main carriageway to take a picture!) to show you the change in the environment.

In both images, our cottage is the first in view on the right hand side. Unfortunately, I can’t find a really good clear shot of the whole garden before we took over the plot, but Google do have a picture that was actually taken just after we’d scalped the land and were preparing to plant some of it.  


 Things really have changed a lot since Jack & Edith owned The Ark. But we hope to do all we can to get this place back to its former glory. I will endeavour to keep the comparison shots coming, as often as I can. Especially the shots from the front of the house, as I’m hoping that the view from the road will be significantly different over the coming years. (And hopefully, I can take some real photos next time!)


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