I am always meaning to indulge in these Gardener’s World offers in the magazines, but for some reason I always leave it too late, and I never get around to doing things. Not this month. No No. They were offering 160 ‘free’ spring-flowering bulbs (£4.50 for postage). It’s an absolute bargain in my eyes. And of course, the deals are going through Thompson and Morgan still, so it gave me a good opportunity to take a look at the new shop website. I placed my order, and looked at the other Gardener’s World offers they had in place. None of them were particularly ground-breaking, I’ve seen most of these plants on offer before, and I’ve seen them elsewhere cheaper still. However, they still had on offer their Allium collection.


Some of the flowers in the garden are coming in to their own (at long last). It’s been an unusual summer in Britain, in that the summer heat seemed a little slow in arriving. I think that has had some impact on the garden, as things haven’t been anywhere near as colourful as they were at this time last year. This may be partly due to the small child cooing in her bouncy chair at my feet, seeing as I just haven’t had the time to plant any annual seeds this year, let alone get down on my hands and knees to do the weeding. (NOT looking forward to tackling those buttercups again…)