The land that we have is approximately 80mx40m, which makes it about an acre to my calculations. The usable land comes to around 3/4 of an acre, as there is a river at the bottom of our garden, not to mention a steep bank and a few fifty foot pines! Below is an image from Google maps highlighting the plot we have. The satellite image is pretty outdated now, being taken when the house was still occupied, a good seven years ago. You can just make out the cottage, and there’s a car on the road for some sort of size comparison. 

Plenty to get on with then!For the past year, since buying the house, our main objective has been to get the house up to spec. We’re pretty much there now, but the garden has really suffered for it. So we move on to the next project, and it’s really going to take some time indeed. Here you can find plenty of before and (eventually) after pictures to make your own mind up. If you have any suggestions that you think might help us, please don’t be afraid to tell us what you think!

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