I will attempt to answer that question very simply: A lot.

I am starting to recover from my bout of sickness now, and so I had the itch to get outside today, even though it was ridiculously cold (typically, I’ve been ill through the best of the weather of late. Glorious Sunshine plus Sick Ria equals Sad Face.)



I mentioned in my last post that I had been collecting the seed from the Sweet Peas. I managed to get quite a few envelopes filled in the end, and have today finished cleaning the chaff away ready for storage. I should have left the sweet peas in their pods to dry out completely, but they had been left for some time, and so I had to open them to check through for any growth of mould and critters living in the pods. (I found a fair few little insects – I suppose they were mites of some kind? At any rate, I didn’t fancy leaving them to munch on al my seed and make it useless.)


Strike a little pose for me!

Thanks to a lot of help from Pete and Ali, we finally finished the Chicken Run on Sunday. (Girl Power prevailed, and Ali and I did the majority of the work I must say!) We managed to do it using mostly recycled wood and just one roll (50 metres mind you) of chicken wire. The little chooks came by special Alison delivery on Monday, and they’re settling in nicely. Their personalities are really starting to shine through, and I’m finding it hard to drag myself away from them – they’re ridiculously entertaining!


The patio is done, all but for a few tweaks here and there (it’s not, how shall we put this, the flattest of patios…) mainly regarding drainage…


The middle of the back garden has been dominated by the base of an old greenhouse since we moved in. Last year, we started to utilise that space by building a cold frame on one side, and now we have finally got around to building breeze block benches in one corner, and started paving the space it leaves us with. It’s hard to describe in words, so I took some work in progress photos. (more…)

Some close friends of ours have been looking after chickens (Polish Frizzles) for some time now, and I have had pangs of jealousy! David was trying to convince me to keep chickens since we moved in, but I was a little less than keen on the idea to begin with. The thought of all that effort and cost for such little in return (or as I thought at the time at least) was a little off-putting.   (more…)

For reasons I cannot currently reveal, my gardening abilities have been greatly minimised for the near future. That doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do anything, but no heavy lifting, no digging, and definitely no carpentry for me. It’s a shame as I was really looking forward to constructing a Wildlife Post. I saw the idea in Gardener’s World Magazine. I’m sure it was done at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, but I fail to be able to find a picture.

Basically these things are made using a large fence post, sunk and cemented into the ground. Then, on all four sides of the post, you screw on different habitats. Bug boxes, Bird Houses, feeders, you name it. I thought seeing as we have such a large garden, I would keep one corner for a wildlife garden, complete with meadow. In the meadow I am thinking of placing three of these posts. If I can ever get around to making them that is. I have the posts, just need to get some wood planks and make a few ‘rustic’ (meaning terribly constructed) boxes.

We have lots of other projects ongoing at the moment too, poor hubby is breaking his back trying to get all the hard labour out of the way for me. (No, trust me I’m not lazy, I’m actually not allowed to do it. I WANT to do it. My hands are tied… although it is sort of nice to sit back and bark orders!) We’re trying to get the dog run completed (still!) and hopefully it will be finished by the end of the week. We also want ti put a seating area in the middle of the garden, near the cold frame. There is so much sun in that area it seems like the perfect place to have our table and chairs.

I’ll be posting a few photos of the whole garden pretty soon, or I’ll make a separate page for it. I realise that it may be weird for some of you reading plans for a garden you haven’t even seen properly, but I’ll soon put that to rights.

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