When you’re not gardening.

Well, I haven’t done anything really, since my last post here, short of finishing the Tyre Garden at the bottom of the garden. The back garden is looking pretty sorry for itself as Winter rolls in, and although I know it’s possible to get a splash of winter colour in with some work, it’s a project that I simply haven’t got the time or inclination for at the moment.

I am, as some people might call me, more of a seasonal gardener right now. When winter comes, I much prefer the thought of curling up indoors with a good book and a cup of coffee than slogging it away out back. But there are just one or two more jobs I’d like to get done before I hang up my tools till Spring.



I mentioned in my last post that I had been collecting the seed from the Sweet Peas. I managed to get quite a few envelopes filled in the end, and have today finished cleaning the chaff away ready for storage. I should have left the sweet peas in their pods to dry out completely, but they had been left for some time, and so I had to open them to check through for any growth of mould and critters living in the pods. (I found a fair few little insects – I suppose they were mites of some kind? At any rate, I didn’t fancy leaving them to munch on al my seed and make it useless.)



I am always meaning to indulge in these Gardener’s World offers in the magazines, but for some reason I always leave it too late, and I never get around to doing things. Not this month. No No. They were offering 160 ‘free’ spring-flowering bulbs (£4.50 for postage). It’s an absolute bargain in my eyes. And of course, the deals are going through Thompson and Morgan still, so it gave me a good opportunity to take a look at the new shop website. I placed my order, and looked at the other Gardener’s World offers they had in place. None of them were particularly ground-breaking, I’ve seen most of these plants on offer before, and I’ve seen them elsewhere cheaper still. However, they still had on offer their Allium collection.


It really is downhill from here on in. However, I was overjoyed to see the view from my kitchen window this morning, sun streaming through the trees and frost slowly melting to dewdrops on the lawn. The chickens weren’t too happy about it, pecking hopelessly at the frozen mud, trying to reach some wandering earthworm, protected in the warmer earth by its frosty ceiling.


Delicate pink cyclamen

Due to obvious reasons, I haven’t been able to do an awful lot of… well, gardening, in the garden this year. As a result, a few of the borders are looking less than happy. The square bed next to the patio is particularly drab, even though I had the foresight to plant a good amount of Summer Bulbs in there earlier in the year, they seem to be refusing to flower. A few days ago, I decided that enough was enough, and it was time to splash out a little bit and get some colour in.


Starting them from a young age!

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