Okay, I admit it, I’m just feeling too ill, crappy and lazy to do any real gardening today. So I settled for some poultry therapy instead. I was reminded of a post that I read on Mark’s Vegetable Garden this morning, about his ‘little helpers’ in the compost bin. Well, my not-so-little helpers at the moment are my chickens.



It really is downhill from here on in. However, I was overjoyed to see the view from my kitchen window this morning, sun streaming through the trees and frost slowly melting to dewdrops on the lawn. The chickens weren’t too happy about it, pecking hopelessly at the frozen mud, trying to reach some wandering earthworm, protected in the warmer earth by its frosty ceiling.


Strike a little pose for me!

Thanks to a lot of help from Pete and Ali, we finally finished the Chicken Run on Sunday. (Girl Power prevailed, and Ali and I did the majority of the work I must say!) We managed to do it using mostly recycled wood and just one roll (50 metres mind you) of chicken wire. The little chooks came by special Alison delivery on Monday, and they’re settling in nicely. Their personalities are really starting to shine through, and I’m finding it hard to drag myself away from them – they’re ridiculously entertaining!


Some close friends of ours have been looking after chickens (Polish Frizzles) for some time now, and I have had pangs of jealousy! David was trying to convince me to keep chickens since we moved in, but I was a little less than keen on the idea to begin with. The thought of all that effort and cost for such little in return (or as I thought at the time at least) was a little off-putting.   (more…)