Starting them from a young age!About the Author

Ria is a novice gardener, with a keen passion to learn as much as possible. She spends the majority of her spare cash on new plants that catch her eye and gardening magazines, and she’s still in uproar that they took UK TV Gardens off from Sky, whether it was all repeats or not! In April 2010, she had a baby girl, and has found her passion for gardening has now become about leaving a sort of legacy behind for her daughter.

She hopes that one day this blog will serve as a record of the changes happening to her garden, to look back on all she’s learned, and hopefully give advice to others along the way.

About the Garden

The Ark Cottage Garden is the large undertaking that Ria and her husband David took on when they purchased a house from his father’s family in 2008. The house is a small unassuming cottage, but attached to it was approximately a 3/4 acre wasteland, neglected by lack of upkeep. Deciding that they couldn’t possibly turn the area into a housing estate (though there were many offers of advice on how to go about doing so) they decided to try and restore the large plot to its former glory as an almost completely self sufficient home.

In its hayday, the Ark was a lockkeeper’s cottage, and the owners, Jack and Edith, grew all their own produce to sell on the canal-side. Many tales are still told about the renowned couple.

Plans and work are still underway, but progress is being made and in only a year half of the plot is starting to look presentable, though far from perfect.

About the Blog

This blog is meant mainly as a record of the work done to the garden, but will possibly provide some insight and advice for other novice gardeners who are keen to learn about the subject. Though she never claims to know everything, Ria has learned a lot over the past year or so and is more than happy to share her findings and newly acquired knowledge with anyone willing to listen!

Comments and insights are certainly welcome here, and if you have any advice or thoughts on any topic, please do not hesitate to join in!


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Dear Ria,
    I also am a keen gardener, but I haven’t much to play with being that once it was all cleared out, I was left with concrete and decking..
    I renovated my garden this summer, it was a bit of a mess when I moved in (to say the least the place was a fu*king pig stye), and have now turned it into a nice place to relax..
    A few pots, a painted fence feature, lots of varnish, the odd sunflower and some nice furniture did the trick..
    My question to you though is, have you any tips on growing Gerbera plants? As they are my favourite flower, I got some seeds from an old one and left them to dry. I planted them a few times with no such luck. I hear that they’re difficult to grow from seed, but have you any acquired any tips that I could use to grow my own favourite flower??

    1. Ria Says:

      Hiya calum. Hope everything’s going ok for you in cardiff. As if I wouldn’t recognise your email address ya silly sausage! I know nothing about growing gerberas, though I agree they’re stunning. If you’re having no success with the seeds you’ve collected, perhaps try growing them from some bought seed? I’m not sure how successful they’ll be coming from harvested seed, as some varieties may in fact be sterile. If you still have a few of your own seed left, try making your own mini propagator by planting the seeds in small pots, wetting the compost, and covering with a plastic bag. Make sure the soil stays moist and put in a sunny spot. Maybe you’ll have a little luck, and next time maybe you’ll be able to fool me into thinking it’s not actually you commenting! 😉

      Love ya babe.

  2. Ria, now I remember why your name looked so familiar when you left a comment on my blog. Glad to meet you again!
    By the way loving the black poppy, I shall have to check out T & M to see if I can get seeds.

  3. Autumn Belle Says:

    Ria, keep up the good work. Your daughter is lovely.

  4. pq Says:

    a kindred spirit! I’m late to say hi, but I’m following you from now on. BEAUTIFUL daughter!

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