When you’re not gardening.

Well, I haven’t done anything really, since my last post here, short of finishing the Tyre Garden at the bottom of the garden. The back garden is looking pretty sorry for itself as Winter rolls in, and although I know it’s possible to get a splash of winter colour in with some work, it’s a project that I simply haven’t got the time or inclination for at the moment.

I am, as some people might call me, more of a seasonal gardener right now. When winter comes, I much prefer the thought of curling up indoors with a good book and a cup of coffee than slogging it away out back. But there are just one or two more jobs I’d like to get done before I hang up my tools till Spring.

Whilst I was planting my 350+ Spring Bulbs, hubby decided to keep digging the proposed Vegetable Plot. He  made some headway, but we still have 2/3 to dig. I want to get this done before the winter, so that hopefully the weather will help to break down the soil, and digging in Spring will be easier. However, we still need to place a small network of paths there too, so I’ll have to delay the planting for the plot’s first year. That’s not the end of the world though.

As I just mentioned, the Tyre Garden now holds over 350 Spring bulbs, of all different kinds from Welsh Daffodils to a broad range of alliums. I’m really excited to watch them flower. I just hope that I planted the bulbs deep enough to allow them to flower (I won’t be best pleased if not!)

My remaining jobs are mostly clean up. The beds currently look like a tractor’s driven through them due to all the wind we’ve had lately. I need to cut back the perennials, prune my roses and a few shrubs, finish the endless weeding, and get a lovely thick layer of compost on the beds to feed them ready for spring. Hopefully the black gold we’ve been growing will be rotted enough in a week or two to add to the beds!

So, you may see one or two posts from me over the next few months, but don’t expect anything miraculous until Spring 😉