I had no idea what to do at work this morning, so I settled for this little piece of self-indulgence, as I was invited by Island Threads.

The rules of the game are:

1) Inform who invited you
2) List 10 things you like to do
3) Invite another 10 bloggers to do the same.

It’s a worldwide sharing frenzy! Okay, here goes…

1 ) I love to write. In fact, I have restarted a passion that flared in my teenage years, and have started writing a novel. It’s a paranormal, werewolf affair. I love writing fiction for a little self-indulgence and escapism.

2 ) I love to garden. More so, I love to sit in the garden and let it work itself. It’s a pleasure I don’t often get to indulge in at the moment, with there being so much work to do, but I hope that soon things will start taking care of themselves.

3 ) I like eating healthily. Anyone who knows me will laugh at this, but I joined a Slimming World group about three months ago, in order to lose the weight I have gained since being a teenager. On this slimming plan, I quite literally stuff my face, and yet I have still managed to lose two and a half stone in twelve weeks!

4 ) I love to bake. This doesn’t fit in so well with my healthy eating, unfortunately, but I am allowed to treat myself, and so this is where my cupcakes come in!

5 ) I love playing with my daughter. She’s six months old now, and fascinated by everything she sees. I love how attentive she is, and when she starts squealing and jabbering, she’s all the entertainment we need!

6 ) I love to sing. My husband and I are starting to think about starting up a duo act again, as we used to gig together when we first started going out, although only for a brief time. My husband is possibly one of the most talented people I know, musically and artistically, so I can’t wait until we start gigging again!

7 ) I love shopping. Yes, I live for the stereotypes. Clothes, food, baby clothes, shoes, bags, anything I can get my hands on. I know my bank managed rubs his hands together every time he takes a look at my account!

8 ) I love to travel, but haven’t had the chance for about four years! Everything’s been so hectic with house, wedding and baby, that we just haven’t had the opportunity to go anywhere. We’ve promised each other that we’ll at the very least take a long weekend somewhere in Devon next spring, and I hope that we stick to that plan!

9 ) I like to take photos and play on Photoshop. I once made a portrait of my husband as a centaur, but I truly don’t think he’d forgive me if I posted it here!

10 ) I love to swim. Since I have started slimming, I have found swimming is my favourite form of exercise. I can now manage 50 lengths of a standard sized swimming pool in an hour, and I’m rather impressed with myself!

So, to finish this up, I need to invite 10 other bloggers. I hope I don’t invite people who have already done this, but here goes.

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I look forward to getting to know you all a little better!