I mentioned in my last post that I had been collecting the seed from the Sweet Peas. I managed to get quite a few envelopes filled in the end, and have today finished cleaning the chaff away ready for storage. I should have left the sweet peas in their pods to dry out completely, but they had been left for some time, and so I had to open them to check through for any growth of mould and critters living in the pods. (I found a fair few little insects – I suppose they were mites of some kind? At any rate, I didn’t fancy leaving them to munch on al my seed and make it useless.)

I have to admit that my poppies were less than magnificent this year, I think they got a little confused by the weather. I can’t say I blame them. One day it would be scorching hot, and they would begin to open their huge blooms ready to gaze up at the sun, only to be drowned the second they were unfurled. However, I managed to salvage a few of the seed heads before the opened completely, and got a fair amount of seed from them. Hopefully I will be more successful at propagating them next year than I was this year.

The Aquilegia have already self-sown around the garden. I have found one or two plants coming up in the perfect spots. They may mess up my so-called colours scheme, but I decided at the beginning of the year to let go of my plan of schemes in favour of a more mixed border. I also managed to get these seed heads cleaned and have a lovely pile of shiny black seeds ready for sowing early next year. I truly hope I manage to get these started off, as I would love to have a whole mound of Aquilegia popping up in the garden. I love their dainty flowers and neat mounds of foliage, so I can only hope.