Whilst sitting on the patio yesterday and hunting through my sweet pea plants for seed, I came across a few more visitors to the garden – yet again in the form of caterpillars. Never one to miss an opportunity, I grabbed the camera and set to it, ready to identify the little critters as soon as I came inside. The caterpillar I first came across was quite a fat little fellow, and rather well masked amongst the sweet pea foliage. At first I took it to be a Small Cabbage White, as they are after all so very common. Now I am uncertain, as the ring-like markings on its back are very similar to the Speckled Wood Butterflies also found in the UK.

Also hidden amongst the mound of foliage was a little brown oddity, which also looked decidedly plain on first glance. I snapped a few photos, fighting with the zoom on my camera, and amidst much cursing managed to get two very decent snaps.

Again, I am unsure of my identification, so if anyone wants to correct me then please do feel free. But I suspect this may well be a Bright-line Brown-eye moth, as there are instances of both green and brown larva.

I have to admit I barely even noticed these beautiful stripes and spots until I came to edit the photograph.

The Garden Spiders are still out in force, spinning and repairing their webs amongst the forest of foliage in our borders. I even managed to get a few photos with my temperamental camera! Though trying to focus on the little blurs in the viewfinder was less than fun, I’m very pleased with these images.

So the garden is still buzzing with excitement, and the bugs, caterpillars, snails and slugs are certainly in abundance here. Now, if only I could master bird photos… hmm…