It really is downhill from here on in. However, I was overjoyed to see the view from my kitchen window this morning, sun streaming through the trees and frost slowly melting to dewdrops on the lawn. The chickens weren’t too happy about it, pecking hopelessly at the frozen mud, trying to reach some wandering earthworm, protected in the warmer earth by its frosty ceiling.

As disappointing as our field of grass (rather than the ‘formal’ lawn, our hayfield has been quite literally overgrown every year so far.) may be, I do love taking photos of the masses of clover that grow there. I missed a great opportunity this year to photograph it whilst it was in flower, and the bees were swarming around it. (Endangered? Not in the Ark…) It really was quite the sight. But the photos I have taken this morning of the frozen dew are equally beautiful in my eyes.

My roses, in need of some proper pruning, nodding their newly blooming buds in the early morning sun. Yes, summer is apparently over, but I can’t wait to see what Autumn will bring.