The time hath cometh.

I’ve had a wonderful response to the review I did of Jersey Plants last year, and so I decided that I should probably revive my critical soul in an attempt to give people some help deciding where to buy their online flora.

The difficulty lies in the sheer range of products available from some suppliers, and Thompson & Morgan is certainly no exception. The timing of this review couldn’t be better, as they are now celebrating the launch of their new website – offering a variety of discounts.

But I, in my ultimate wisdom, bought a sizeable shopping cart full of goodies before this change. So, my review is now pretty much defunct, as I was going to mention the functionality of the website as one of the major points for improvement. However, I will do the best I can to keep this review applicable, and will endeavour to write a follow-up the next time I buy from them.


Thompson & Morgan pride themselves on choice. In my experience with their products, they do indeed have a good variety of choice, for the most part. I bought a wide range of vegetable seeds and some fruit (Rhubarb & Blackberries) this time around, and I did not find one occasion where I had no choice available to me. In fact there were many occasions where I had too much choice! But this is all relative to your point of view – I imagine that a more seasoned gardener may find issue with some of the products, depending on their preferences of course.

Plenty of choice!

From what I can tell so far, the seed sold by Thompson & Morgan is, generally, of their own stock. A great advantage with this is that Thompson & Morgan are, as far as I can ascertain, a reputable and respected wholesaler. I believe that their stock will be resistant, clean and quick to germinate. Time will tell.


I spent £32 on the seed you see pictured above. This is all for vegetable seeds, with the exception of one pack of sunflower seed. The packets all come with a pretty large number of seed, on average around £2 per packet. Judge this however you will. I have been known to pick up ‘bargain seed’ at pound shops and so on, which were close to the end of their sell period. These have sold for a quarter of the price above. However, germination of these seeds has proven problematic at best. Hopefully I will not face that problem this time around, and the price will pay off in the end.


I cannot really comment on the website’s function, as it has very recently been updated. Let’s just say that I hope they’ve made some improvements! I’ve spotted a wish list function, which will prove very useful (there was no way that I know of, of saving shopping carts previously either). Searching and categories are much improved already, and the display is friendlier, easier to read and much less cluttered. I suppose I’ll have to wait until my next order before I can comment on the payment processes.


All seed came stored in a Jiffy Bag, dry and complete with a clear, easy to read invoice. Delivery took about three working days, so half the seven days they estimate on the website. I am now awaiting the arrival of my Rhubarb and Blackberries, which will be taking longer.


Overall, Thompson & Morgan seem a reliable and useful supplier to keep tabs on. I can give a fuller verdict at a later date, but as far as my most recent order is concerned, I would score them 8/10.