Delicate pink cyclamen

Due to obvious reasons, I haven’t been able to do an awful lot of… well, gardening, in the garden this year. As a result, a few of the borders are looking less than happy. The square bed next to the patio is particularly drab, even though I had the foresight to plant a good amount of Summer Bulbs in there earlier in the year, they seem to be refusing to flower. A few days ago, I decided that enough was enough, and it was time to splash out a little bit and get some colour in.

So the square bed was the first area of choice to be dealt with. I bought a fair amount of cyclamen at our local gardening centre (more of a bargain shop really, but the man who owns it uses his gardening hobby as a handy little sideline). And today managed to get it in the ground, nestled among the Acer and the Rock Rose. I hope that they’ll be at home there, but I worry that the bed may be a little bit too exposed to the elements. Time will tell, I suppose.

Getting some colour underneath the Acer tree