Daisy in full bloom

The daisies in the main border are slowly starting to open their petals to the sun. They’ve been sprouting since early May now, and not one hint of a flower has been flashed. I get terribly impatient with some of our plants. Poppies especially, or as I know them, the sneaky little temptresses. How dare they hold their buds so high for so long, promising a beautiful display, then bloom, only to die away a few days later, or worse, get torn away by the elements.

Well now, the daisies are teasing me. I’m not entirely sure what kind of daisies they are, my mother passed some on to me, and they’ve just gone completely rampant ever since. They’ve taken over a good half of the border now, but I’m not complaining. When they do finally flower, they’ll be a beautiful radiant yellow. Just the sunny colour we’ll need in the garden to cheer us up despite the fact that summer is behind us.

A wonderful sunny face

But there’ll be plenty of other things to enjoy this September. I always enjoy watching the light change in early autumn, from a bright, dazzling white light to a deep moody yellow haze. The birds will start relying on us a little more too, and I am vowing to fill the bird feeders up a little more often as the evenings become shorter. We have three Robins now, and I intend to keep them with us. If our feeders run empty, they may decide to go looking elsewhere.

I wonder how long the bats will still be out with us too, as they have been whizzing over our heads at dusk for a good few months now. Every day, when i catch a glimpse of some new visitor to the garden, I thank my lucky stars that baby Maisey is going to have such a wonderful opportunity to grow up surrounded by so much wildlife. It’s an experience that both Dai and myself had as kids, and so I’m glad she will have that too.

So many eight-legged visitors