Strike a little pose for me!

Thanks to a lot of help from Pete and Ali, we finally finished the Chicken Run on Sunday. (Girl Power prevailed, and Ali and I did the majority of the work I must say!) We managed to do it using mostly recycled wood and just one roll (50 metres mind you) of chicken wire. The little chooks came by special Alison delivery on Monday, and they’re settling in nicely. Their personalities are really starting to shine through, and I’m finding it hard to drag myself away from them – they’re ridiculously entertaining!

Role Call:


Cassanova is the cockerel of our brood. I’m not entirely sure what breed he is, maybe a Holland? or a Plymouth Rock? I’m not sure their barring is distinct enough for Plymouth Rocks, and Ali is coming up blank too. If any of you have any idea they’d be appreciated! Cassanova (or Caz) is a real ladies’ man, and is still a bit of a soft touch with the girls. I hope he gets a little tougher on them, or I can see them walking all over him!

Maleficant (or Mally) is the same breed as Caz. She is a vicious little thing, but I think she’s softening up a little now that they’ve been with us for a week. there’s no denying that she’s currently the Queen of the brood though!

Queen Latifah (or Queenie) is a Silver Lace. She was named after Latifah because she’s sassy, curvy, and… well black! She is beautiful and I truly adore her. Queenie has a sassy attitude, shaking her bum flirtatiously at Caz whenever he’s around. I could watch her all day!

Helena, a Light Sussex, is a lazy hen indeed. She spends most of her time lazing in the sun, warming her feathers. She keeps mostly to herself, except for when Caz comes near – she seems to find it terribly important to peck him on the back whenever he’s near!

Gabrielle, along with a few of the other hens, suffered from a breakout of coccidiosis when they were young. It was caught early and treated, but poor Gabby was left with a little scarring on her crest. It’s not too noticeable now, but she is left with the slightest of squints. She’s awfully tame, and likes to be the mum. I can see her being easily broody if I’m not careful!

Minnie, the baby of the brood, is so unbelievably tame. On her first day in the run, she kept following me and Ali around. Where we went, she followed. She’s a little braver now, but she’d still happily go to sleep if I gave her a cuddle. I’m yet to discover what breed she is, but she’s still got some growing to do – she’s not even started clucking yet, the little chick!

Hopefully we’ll be having a few more hens soon – my father has some dutch Bantams which are terrorising his farm! I figure if they’re the last in to the run, they may be lower down in the pecking order, so it might put them in their place. However I’ve heard plenty of tales from Alison and others about how easily a dutch bantam will look after itself, so it remains to be seen!