Common Newt

This little visitor popped up outside our back door last night, just as we were coming back in from checking up on the chickens (more about that soon). I’m pretty sure it’s the common, or smooth newt, but it may have been a palmate. Does anyone have any ideas?

It was more than happy to be photographed, but every time David got around to clicking the shutter, the thing decided to take another step, then stop as soon as the flash had gone off. I think we must have shocked the poor little thing, but I was so thrilled at seeing yet more wildlife in the garden that I couldn’t resist getting at least one or two photographs.


It found a peaceful little home amongst the long grass on the far end of the garden shortly afterwards, so hopefully it will find plenty of shelter and nice cool little puddle to make itself at home in.

As well as the newts, we’ve seen plenty of baby frogs over the past few months, all hopping among the long grass at the bottom of the garden near the river. The bats are about in force in the evenings, and I really enjoy standing outside with a cup of coffee, just as the sun is going down, and watching them all whizzing above my head after the moths.

I think we are blessed to be able to appreciate the wildlife around us, and as much as I am looking forward to getting our garden organised and looking good, I truly hope I don’t forget about our abundance of wildlife on the way. I must remember to give habitats back to them as they are taken away. I hope Maisey gets to see these things as she grows up, as I did when I was a child.