Sometime back in April, I managed to get some garlic cloves planted in our mini-allotment. I had little hope for a reliable crop from them, as I had missed many of the last frosts, and I remember reading that garlic thrives with a good frost to start it off. However, I decided to bite the bullet today and lift the garlic, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Garlic Harvest

It didn't look much to start off with...

They weren’t exactly worthy of writing home about, but they had produced some beautiful small, sweet bulbs. I doubt that they would have grown much bigger if I had left them for longer, as the soil in that area of the allotment wasn’t very reliable, being full of lots of clay and not very well prepared.

I had hoped to figure out how to plait the bulbs, so that I could hang them up in the kitchen and use them as and when I needed. I made a start at trying it, but didn’t get much further than three bulbs before it all went a bit pear-shaped! So in the end I decided to place a few bulbs together, tie their stalks, then add a few more and tie, and so on. The result was a respectable-looking bunch of garlic.

Garlic Bunch

Cleaned off and trussed up

They’re now hanging from the shelf in my kitchen, and I am resisting using them too often. I use garlic puree all the time in my cooking, but I want to save these cloves for something special. I thought perhaps I could roast them, and turn them into a sweet garlic butter for garlic bread.

Next year (there’s that phrase again…) I’ll definitely be planting garlic again, and hopefully I’ll get a respectable onion harvest as well.