Saying hello to her sac!


 Our friends Alison and Pete were over today, so Ali and I decided to go hunting for hazel withies in the garden. Whilst we were sitting on the patio, stripping off the leaves, we found one which was curled up slightly, with a dark green egg sac stuck underneath. A spider’s egg sac of course!

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I felt guilty, but I was glad that we hadn’t damaged it in any way. I was just thinking of moving it over towards the border so that it would be sheltered from the sun, when I glimpsed a little green spider in the wheelbarrow, climbing over all the clippings.

Checking the Perimeter

Scouting around, looking if anything was amiss


Now I will admit that I got rather excited at this point, and picked the spider up thinking; “I wonder if this little spider could possibly be the owner of that little egg sac?” The likelihood of it was particularly slim, I know, but I thought I’d see how she reacted. So I placed the newly dubbed Charlotte down on the table next to the leaf, and the first thing that she did was to scuttle over to it at a lightning-fast pace!

The only thought that went through my head then was “Babies or Hors-d’oeuvres?”, but Charlotte seemed to be checking up on things. She felt the sac all over, checked that it was still stuck to the leaf, sat on the sac for a few moments, and then started checking around the edges of the leaf.

So surely if she wasn’t the owner of said sac, she would have left after ten minutes? Anyhow, we managed to set both Charlotte and the leaf down on the ground in the flower bed, and made sure the leaf was upside-down so that the Eggs would be sheltered a little from the scorching hot sun. I’d like to think that we have a million little baby spiders hatching soon, blowing away in the wind, just like in the book.

But then, I can get a little fanciful about these things…