The patio is done, all but for a few tweaks here and there (it’s not, how shall we put this, the flattest of patios…) mainly regarding drainage…

But now we’re on to the path leading to it. We have a fair amount of slabs extra (a whole pallet in fact) and so we decided that it would look good if we had a path to match our patio, to tie everything in. besides which we’ve been meaning to widen the existing path for a while now, as though it is solid, it’s not very forgiving when it comes to weeding – I find my toes get soaked by the clover on the other side pretty regularly!

Widening the Path

We wanted to add a few inches to the width of the path, so we dug a trench and filled it with rubble

 The new width accounted for two slabs, one large and one narrow, so that we could stagger them and maintain the crazy-paving sort of effect. It also meant we could avoid cutting the slabs. (More on those escapades later I think). David, in his wisdom, decided that it was time I had a go at laying the paving. So I hitched up my trousers, took a deep breath and had a go.

Laying the Path

Excuse the terrible outift choice, and the overly-eighties hairdo!

It was a little scary, and somewhat awkward, cementing so close to the plants in the main bed, but I just about managed to keep them from getting too damaged. I also think I did a pretty good job overall. The path is… ahem… level and doesn’t pool water at all. But then I was working from the concrete path below which was, in all fairness, pretty sturdy. In the end the whole job took us about five hours, from digging the trench right through to packing away afterwards.

Finished Product

David admiring my handiwork

┬áNext year, we’ll be extending the border so that we have one on each side of the path, as well a few arches leading down towards the patio. I have no idea what I may end up growing over these arches, probably clematis or wisteria, but that’s a job for next year!

Little Maisey had a good day too, though I don’t think her grandmother will have any trouble sleeping tonight!