Some of the flowers in the garden are coming in to their own (at long last). It’s been an unusual summer in Britain, in that the summer heat seemed a little slow in arriving. I think that has had some impact on the garden, as things haven’t been anywhere near as colourful as they were at this time last year. This may be partly due to the small child cooing in her bouncy chair at my feet, seeing as I just haven’t had the time to plant any annual seeds this year, let alone get down on my hands and knees to do the weeding. (NOT looking forward to tackling those buttercups again…)
One thing we did manage to do earlier this spring was to plant a few rose bushes around the base of what was previously a plum tree. I chose pairs of roses, and they were all supposed to be yellow in colour. However, some of them have decided to show themselves in colours of red and pink. I don’t know Focus would make of that, but frankly I think if I went and demanded a refund, I’d be laughed out of the shop! The floribunda tea rose is particularly pretty, and has a lovely scent, a stereotypical english rose sort of smell to it. The pink flowers are really very pretty, and I think that with some careful pruning this year, all these bushes will be flowering in abundance this time next year.

Something about the colour of the Stargazer lily just makes me want to smile

Another plant I managed to plant in my heavily pregnant state (shh, don’t tell the doctor) was a few Stargazer Lily bulbs. I had thought of planting them around the trunks of the apple trees last year, but by the time I got around to it, the bulbs had been stored so badly that they were barely viable anymore. I had tried them anyway but only one flowered. This year however, I managed to have a fair amount in the main flowerbed, though I wonder if they will multiply at all, or if I have to do that by hand.

Floribunda Rose

The flowers fade quickly with rain, but their brief life is appreciated

I certainly hope to do much more in the way of planting and propogating next year, and hopefully Maisey will be a lot more manageable by then, and maybe even able to come out in the garden and crawl about with me while I get some bits done. Time will tell.