The middle of the back garden has been dominated by the base of an old greenhouse since we moved in. Last year, we started to utilise that space by building a cold frame on one side, and now we have finally got around to building breeze block benches in one corner, and started paving the space it leaves us with. It’s hard to describe in words, so I took some work in progress photos.
Paving Slabs
Placing the slabs out in the pattern we wanted beforehand saved a lot of trouble
When the paving slabs were delivered, we made sure we laid them out in the pattern we wanted, mostly because we were going to lay them in a sort of crazy paving effect. The last thing we would have wanted whilst cementing everything down would have been to try working out which slab came next. So laying them out on the lawn, whilst it may have killed off a lot of clover, helped us to save time in the long run. 
Patio Benches

The benches, made from breeze blocks, make a sizeable seating area


 Myself and David were obvious workers for the job, but we were lucky enough to have David’s brother Matthew volunteer to help. If it hadn’t been for his labouring, lumping all the cement and sand around for us, we wouldn’t have finished anywhere near as quickly.

Near Completion

Most of the slabs are down, just waiting on the angle grinder.


By the end of the day we managed to get the main square of paving all done. We still need to cut the slabs which are going in close to the cold frame wall, and also the slabs to go on top of the seating areas, and then the main paving will be complete. We have also decided to pave the path leading up to the patio, and also to make a smaller patio between the main area and the path, to tie the two together a little better, and provide a little more space for planters.

More on this project soon!