Well I placed an order with Jersey Plants Direct about a week ago. I ordered:

Polyanthus Gold Lace, 50 Plants + 20 Free:        11.99
Primrose Viallia, 50 Plants + 20 Free:                  11.99
Hardy Fern Collection (6 Plants):                           11.99
Mystery Plant Offer:                                                    2.99

I have already received the ferns, and now I am lying in wait for the other products. I’ll update as I receive more items from them, although after reading a lot of negative reviews, I have to admit I am starting to get a little nervous. I can only hope that the negative reviews on this site are one in a million, and that there are many satisfied customers out there who simply don’t review such services.

Anyway, My ferns arrived in pretty good condition. I never expect too much from postal plants, as more often than not they have to withstand quite a beating from the mail. The ferns were alive, and though a few of the leaves were beginning to brown and wilt, they are on the whole pretty healthy. They are at around 15cm tall on average, and were delivered in a sturdy box, carefully labelled so I knew which fern was which (On a side note, is it me or are the latin names for ferns all ridiculously long?).

I thought I should explain the mystery plant offer! I believe it is basically a vehicle to enable them to shift surplus plants. If your order is £25 or more you can buy the mystery plant for 2.99, and the website cliams these will have a guarunteed retail value of 9.99 minimum.

I reserve judgement, we shall wait and see.

My experience so far with Jersey Plants is positive, and they say my next delivery is due to be dispatched between now and the end of September. So I’ll update you when I receive (or don’t receive) my mystery plant!