Crocosmia "Lucifer"

Crocosmia "Lucifer"

I have been waiting for my Crocosmia to flower for what seems like months. When everyone else’s lovely orange blooms were appearing, my plant showed little sign of wanting to flower this year. I started to panic, wondering if I should have moved it to the hot border or not. But soon, little purple buds began to show, and there are lots of them!

I bought this plant last year, it was one of the first to be planted in our back garden. I had, of course, completely forgotten the species so I couldn’t really be sure if everything was going according to plan or not.

‘Lucifer’ is similar to all crocosmias in that it produces tall, Iris-like foliage, but rather than the larger, orange blossoms of other varieties, Lucifer produces masses of smaller flowers. This attribute makes it hardier, and more suitable for colder climates.

Of all the blossoms appearing this week, Lucifer is my favourite. I can’t wait until it starts forming huge clumps so I can seperate it and spread it all around the garden!