I don’t really understand why people insist on building so much. In our local area there have been loads of new developments made, which is all well and good, if it weren’t for the fact that all these builders ever seem to want to do is rip down a perfectly beautiful house (okay, they may have been a little shabby around the edges, but they had potential I tells ya!) and start again with a concrete complex fit for… well.. rats I suppose?

When we first bought the Ark the main comment we’d receive from people was usually something along the lines of “Oh that house has a lot of land with it – you could make a pretty penny selling that” or another classic – making assumptions like “How much is that plot going for? I’d like to build a house for my son/daughter/insert random relative or acquaintance here”

Whatever happened to the beauty of this country? Why is Wales suddenly infested with council estates whilst the stone cottages are ripped to shreds by millionaires with more money than sense? We were actually told in no uncertain terms what one developer wanted to do with the ‘potential’ of our house. He wanted to rip the whole lot down, and build a disabled bungalow, using the riverstone as facing for just the front wall. Then he’d probably have sold all the land off to the highest bidder.

I have photographs (somewhere…) of this house a hundred years ago. I dread to think what good old Jack would have thought of his land getting turned into fancy schmancy apartments.

All I know is I don’t think much of it. I love the stone cottages we have around here, I love the green land, I love rural settings. It ain’t farmland but it’s the perfect balance for me. So they think they’re going to demolish The Ark?

Over my dead body.