So we finally got around to building a cold frame in the garden. I have had my heart set on it for some time now, but finally, it’s done. And it’s huge! It should more than cater to our needs, and to be honest I simply can’t wait to start using it. I may have to walk around the garden and take some cuttings tonight.

We used the remnants of an old greenhouse – there was a concrete base left standing – as our starting point, and sectioned off one end. After building the walls and putting the frame on, we (did I say we? Maybe I mean my husband…) managed to fashion four doors with corrugated plastic and wood, and after getting everything varnished, on they went. All that’s left to do now is a second coat of paint and to attach the chains on to the doors which we can use to keep them propped open.

So now I have a new project on my hands and something to start seeds off early next year. What kind of cold frames do you have? Do you think they’re good or could you never get on with them? Let me know what you think.